A Stream of Thought Update

I haven't written in a long time. I've thought about it a lot, constantly, but I quickly end up going into a mental spiral about it. "Blogging" is a tough game, if that's even what I'm doing. I've heard all the advice, I've read the numerous articles that break it all down into digestible bullet... Continue Reading →

Cuts & Bruises: Publishing Update #2

Time for another update! In case you're new here, I'm planning to write at least monthly updates in the run-up to the launch of my debut novel, "Cuts & Bruises" next year. It's been a very exciting journey so far (and will continue to be so), but also quite stressful. I want to write a... Continue Reading →

Being Able to Take Criticism is a Life Skill

Recently, Twitter has been abuzz with a particular incident in the writing/publishing/book community. One author, shortly after publishing their debut novel, wasn't best pleased to receive anything less than 5 star review s (via goodreads). They thought it best to retaliate, to lash out as those reviewers. To say they overreacted is an understatement. These... Continue Reading →

I’m back?

I didn't want to write about the pandemic. It seemed like that's all people were talking about, all throughout 2020. It was getting me down, so naturally, I didn't want to add to it and so, I sat back and waited for it to go away and well, here we are in 2021 and I'm... Continue Reading →

A Little Intro

Hello, world. Thanks for stopping by. This is the first post of (hopefully) many on my new and improved website! I set up a Tumblr blog at the start of this year and was doing pretty well with it (I think) and even got some articles about mental health published by the Mighty! As a... Continue Reading →

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