A Stream of Thought Update

I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve thought about it a lot, constantly, but I quickly end up going into a mental spiral about it. “Blogging” is a tough game, if that’s even what I’m doing. I’ve heard all the advice, I’ve read the numerous articles that break it all down into digestible bullet…

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“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”: Book Review

“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson is a story following teenager Pippa Fitz Amobi who has become rather obsessed with an “open and shut” case of murder 5 years ago in her town. Sal Singh took the fall for the death of his girlfriend, Andie Bell after he was found dead in…

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Cuts & Bruises: Publishing Update #3

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. The recent phase of editing for “Cuts & Bruises” simply took over and I had no time nor energy for anything else. But now, I am finally moving on to the next stage so thought I’d write a quick update. I received the second proof copy…

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Cuts & Bruises: Publishing Update #2

Time for another update! In case you’re new here, I’m planning to write at least monthly updates in the run-up to the launch of my debut novel, “Cuts & Bruises” next year. It’s been a very exciting journey so far (and will continue to be so), but also quite stressful. I want to write a…

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Workplace Stress – Asking for Help is a Strength!

Lately, I’ve been feeling quite under pressure at work. As well as being an author, I work professionally as a VFX (Visual Effects) digital compositor in Dublin. If you don’t know what that is, I’m basically the person who puts all the bits and pieces together for a film/TV series and makes them shine. Done…

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“One Of Us Is Lying”: A Book Review

I had seen this book in passing a good while ago and finally got around to reading it. In short, “One of Us is Lying” is a Young Adult mystery novel by Karen M. McManus about four kids who are suspects in the murder of their classmate. The four of them end up in detention…

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Cuts & Bruises: Publishing Journey Update!

Hey there! It’s been a hot second since I’ve written a blog. I just thought I’d write up a quick update about where I’m at with my DEBUT NOVEL. I swear, I still don’t think it’s quite sunk in that it’s actually happening. You know how you chase something for so long that when you…

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Mental Health Awareness Month: What Can You Do To Help?

As you’re probably (and hopefully) aware, May marks Mental Health Awareness Month (as well as many other important things). This is something that is very important to me so I wanted to take a moment to think about what we can actually do to help spread awareness; this month, this week, and every other day.…

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Being Able to Take Criticism is a Life Skill

Recently, Twitter has been abuzz with a particular incident in the writing/publishing/book community. One author, shortly after publishing their debut novel, wasn’t best pleased to receive anything less than 5 star review s (via goodreads). They thought it best to retaliate, to lash out as those reviewers. To say they overreacted is an understatement. These…

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I’m back?

I didn’t want to write about the pandemic. It seemed like that’s all people were talking about, all throughout 2020. It was getting me down, so naturally, I didn’t want to add to it and so, I sat back and waited for it to go away and well, here we are in 2021 and I’m…

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