I’m back?

I didn’t want to write about the pandemic. It seemed like that’s all people were talking about, all throughout 2020. It was getting me down, so naturally, I didn’t want to add to it and so, I sat back and waited for it to go away and well, here we are in 2021 and I’m still waiting.

I had started 2020 in such high spirits, with so many plans and hopes, just like everyone else. I last wrote on this website in August, again full of hope. But lockdown upon lockdown put me in a state of ennui and I lost all motivation to do anything.

I had set myself up to talk about mental health a lot. So I didn’t feel qualified to write when I was desperately struggling myself. I could hardly give anyone advice or attempt to claim that I was powering through anyways, because I wasn’t.

It’s still tough some days, the ennui still sweeps over me from time to time. I’m trying my best to break through it, to get back to doing the things I love and trying to move forward, no matter how paused life currently feels.

I have some big news to share too, but that doesn’t belong in this post. I have lots of plans to make, things to do which luckily are distracting me from the bleghness of my everyday life. I have to believe that things are surely improving now and it won’t be long until we can look back on all of this and realise how lucky we are to just be alive, and to be together.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay sane.

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