A Little Intro

Hello, world. Thanks for stopping by. This is the first post of (hopefully) many on my new and improved website! I set up a Tumblr blog at the start of this year and was doing pretty well with it (I think) and even got some articles about mental health published by the Mighty! As a writer, I started that blog in an attempt to grow my online presence and share my stories with the eventual aim of finding an agent/publisher. My goals are very much the same here, but on a much more professional looking website.

So yes, my main goal here is to have a place to share my writing, my thoughts and opinions on things. I don’t expect to become “a blogger” as I found attempting to do so on top of a full-time job, on top of seeking representation, on top of writing, was burning me out. So I’ll write as often as I can, when I have something interesting to say.

I want to be able to share this website with the literary world as a place to get the know the scribe behind the words. I look forward to engaging with anyone and everyone who feels like having a conversation.

Thanks for visiting! Stick around!


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